Why am I starting this blog, this movement of musings?

Because of wanting to dive deeper, to connect, to grow and to ponder, with, and about life and being human. These gathering of my thoughts are here to stimulate your own, to bring forth the curiosity that is needed to ask and answer the big questions in life, whatever those big questions might be for you (and for me) and this time in our lives. Because the quality of your life will be dictated by the questions you ask, the answers you seek, and how passionately you move to acquire them, and to embody and live them.


In my own life, so many questions I had were left unanswered. With life getting in the way – being distracted on the merry-go-round of existence in the society we’ve built, one that is full of vice and little virtue, as I’ve come to learn. Having existed for most of my adult life as an economic unit in an economy, being measured by my performance and how effective I am (the more you do, the better you are, right?). Like the magic fourth wall in a movie crumbling down to reveal the reality – life is more than this. Going deeper, finding what’s true to you, what truly matters, and how we really need to live in order to be fulfilled, is what i’ll be musing on. For now, anyway, until different questions arise.


 As a creative person who has so much of her life existed in a less than creative role, this platform is my place for creative expression. There is no clear strategy, other than to spill my thoughts onto this page, starting with the big questions I have, and then going who knows where. No promises of future content. No content strategy, indeed. The reason is this – say what I feel like saying, do what I feel like doing, on a day to day basis. Some musings will be longer than others. Some might come across as uplifting and happy, others may be filled with rage and glum. Because all are valid thoughts and experiences as a human – to be whole is to see, hear and accept both the light and dark sides of humans, and so, of myself. To deny a part of our humanity, is seeing things through the lens of toxic positivity, and to carefully curate a persona that doesn’t reflect our true selves, our true nature. I say fuck that!

And because this is about us musing together, I want this site to be an old-school blog, with people sharing their thoughts in the comments. So if you’re here, participate. I’d love to hear your thoughts on what I share.  



There is one little promise that I do have though.

To hold future ‘thought gatherings’, in small intimate groups of women of all ages, to discuss deep topics and share experiences of female elders with younger women. For too long, we humans have been segregated by institutions that keep us apart. Children in schools. Adults in the workforce. Elderly in homes (or worse, isolated at home). My vision is to host these gatherings in a fireside chat, or something like that, to create a setting perfect for sharing wisdom, for equalising all those who attend so that each feels safe, heard and understood for their questions, their answers, and their own musings. The goal? To connect deeply with other generations of women whom in this modern day we have little chance of doing, to have the opportunity to go deep into topics often not spoken about, to form bonds with each other, and to learn and growth from the gatherings.


 But for now, just this. My daily musings to see where this takes me, and you, and us.



I would like to end with a quote from Jordan Peterson about finding your authentic voice, and the power of doing so:


Listen to yourself talk, as if a stranger was talking. Try not to identify too much with what you are saying. Then, observe. See if what you are saying makes you feel stronger, physically, or weaker. If it makes you feel weaker, stop saying it. Try to reformulate your speech until you can feel the ground under your feet solidifying. Then practice only saying things that make you strong.



Stop trying to use your speech to get what you want. You don’t necessarily know what you want. Instead, try to articulate what you believe to be true as carefully as possible. Then, accept the outcome. Assume that your truth, as lived and spoken, will produce the best possible outcome.



It’s an act of faith. But so is every other way of being.